Games much worse than tag

| October 30, 2006

There’s been some controversy lately over the plans of a Massachusetts elementary school to ban tag. Elle Dee, over at this is by us, has started a thread named “Games We Played that were Much Worse than Tag“. Here was my own contribution:

Back in 1958-60, our family lived in the West Kalayaan US Naval housing area outside of Subic Bay, Philippines (my dad was in the Navy). At dusk, during the summers, a pickup truck would go up and down all the streets, towing behind it a large sprayer emitting a dense fog of DDT.

We would play tag and/or hide-and-go-seek in that DDT fog. It smelled wonderful, too. Fond memories of childhood.

Many years later, in high school in east San Diego County, my friend Drew Bos and I would play a one-sided team version of Manhunt. We would dress all in black, then try to get ourselves from one predetermined point (say, my house) to another predetermined point (say, Grossmont High School) without anyone seeing us. We’d crawl through brush, sneak through yards, throw ourselves into ditches as cars went by, etc. In retrospect, it’s a miracle we were never arrested and/or shot.

Read all the other comments there; they sure bring back memories. Hat tip to reddit. ..bruce..

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  1. Bruce Hoult says:

    In 4th form (um .. about 9th grade in the US system) we would line up a team at either side of the classroom and throw dozens of plastic 2l icecream container lids at each other, frisbee style.