You Have Got To Be Kidding Me…

| October 28, 2006

Busher Reactor - Iran 2004 - Digital Globe Quickbird 2
The Busher Reactor Under Construction in Iran – 2004, Digitial Globe Quickbird 2

As some of you may have guessed, I try to stay current on world events dealing with ongoing and potential military conflicts, especially where they involve ongoing or potential proliferation of WMDs. Cruising by one of the Arms Control Blogs, I see that the Daily KOS has declared that we are about to attack Iran as a political stunt to turn around the GOP’s flagging fortunes.

Once again painted in bright yellow and red are the reasons I can’t bring myself to vote Democratic again this time. Why is it that the Moonbat wing of the party knows and cares so little about the military? Let me address some things they state in this posting, in case some of you are now curious:

1) 4 Strike Groups in the Persian Gulf – This is the big scary headline at the KOS. Their conclusion is that if they have concentrated this much force in the area, it must be because we plan offensive action. I will state that I am not on the National Security Council or the Joint Chiefs, but there is no way the US Military can take on another fight right now. Furthermore it seems none of the KOS staff has ever been to sea, or knows thing one about this little trick called “Rotation”. What happens is that we don’t leave the ships and the crews out at sea forever. We bring them home usually after about 6 months. Before one Strike Group exits the patrol area, they wait for their replacement (called their “Relief”) to show up, and then a 1-2 week process called “Pass Down” takes place. This is where the outgoing folks enlighten the incoming folks what has been going on, what to look out for, what the big threats are, and where to get a good Schwarma in Doha. What does that mean? 1 Carrier group is relieving the 1 Carrier group on station, and 1 Expeditionary group is relieving the 1 Expeditionary group on station. Yeah, that makes 4.

2) USS Boxer spent two months this summer testing its missile and launch systems prior to uploading ordnance for its deployment to the Persian Gulf on September 27 and 28th – Again, the lack of direct military experience is showing. Every ship, every strike group that was part of ESG 5 did a training workup before going to the Gulf. It’s how they do it. You don’t send a crew cold into a dangerous spot like that. You take them through a series of exercises that prove they are capable of handling the job.

3) Naval Interdiction Exercise Said Planned for Persian Gulf – This is with our allied states in the gulf. Gee, what do you think. The North Koreans just tested a Nuke, we know they are working with Iran (back channel word is that several Iranian military and science folks were on hand for the test), and how dare we practice intercepting ships on the high seas with our allies who want to make sure Iran does not get a fast path to the bomb.

4) Citing William R. Polk – I am sure Mr Polk has done extensive research of his facts, but he clearly has a political and ideological agenda in play. This gets to one my greatest worries, the politicalization of the Intelligence Community. In the past they were dedicated to finding the information and letting the military and civilian elected leaders make the important calls on what to believe and what to do about it. Starting with the run up to the Iraq war it somehow became much more polarized. Now you see people risking life sentences to inject TS or higher info to the press, just to score political points. In this environment you will not get reasonable analysis of critical events that threaten this country.

My advice to the left, find some former warriors that know their stuff to help you out and adjust your messages from what you learn. Your credibility is suffering.

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