Blizzard blogging, part II

| December 22, 2006

As soon as the sun was decently up, I resumed my effort to get our driveway clear from snow. This photo shows what I had done yesterday for the area in front of our garage and front door:

After another hour or two of eating away at the large drift across the top of our driveway, I finally broke through:

At this point, I was through the worst of it. Most of the snow on the driveway from here on down was not as deep as this drift had been, and I was able to push the snowblower through it much more quickly. Even so, it took me until a little after noon to finally clear a path wide enough for our SUV through this drift:

…and down the rest of the driveway as well:

I applied several bags of ice melt to forstall freezing when things get very cold again tonight. In all, I would estimate that I spent 8-10 hours snowblowing. I wince to think how long this would have taken me with just a snow shovel. ..bruce..

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  1. Lou says:

    Thanks for the great pixs of the snow storm and your snow removal success. As we were here in DC in 60 degree (I think it may have hit 70) sunny weather, we did think with compassion on all those caught by the storm.
    Seeing all the wide open space and beautiful views did reopen my “I want a view” wound. But it’s Christmas so I won’t dwell on it now.
    Memorial service for Susan a week ago was wonderful, as was yesterday’s for Martha. Dianne D.L.M. quoted you in her remarks yesterday, although I don’t recall what she said you said.
    I’ve mentioned both services in posts at my blog:
    Every one here is fine. Allison graduated from nursing school last Saturday. Jared has been accepted to flight surgeon training. Kimberly is expecting #4 in the next three weeks. Annena is exhausted from being RS pres. Your emergency prep project is being revived by the new HP gp ldr. And I still persist!