The Moonbats are far too predictable

| December 29, 2006

[Updated 12/30/06] A thought just hit me: I wonder how many Americans will see the flags at half-mast for the death of Pres. Gerald Ford and think instead that they have been lowered for Saddam Hussein? (As a side note, I’ve cleaned up the formatting of the comments below.)

Saddam Hussein, one of the worst mass murderers of the past 25 years, is executed by his own country…and this is how the Kossacks respond:

Or [on?] the tip of WWIII

It may seem like a gross exaggeration, but world wars or long protracted wars are built on events such as these.

Millions are going to be outraged. Even those like myself who thought Hussein was one of the worst dictators on the planet are angry.

Of course, there will be those who are delusional and believe a man who was responsible for 9/11 was executed today (of course Bush will continue making connections to that fallacy.”

Or the ones cheering are those that really get a kick out of murder/executions/war or killing darker skin people because somehow it makes them feel they are winning the war on terror.

This may be the night darkness slowly creeps across our planet.

because we are going to hit the 3.000

mark tomorrow.
and they want to preempt the news about that.

There is more than an element of truth in

what you say … plus it tries to take some of the air out of John Edwards announcing for president, highlighting the fiasco in New Orleans …
The war for air dominance of TV is underway again, as the drumbeats grow for a war the US doesn’t want …

It only took 148 deaths for Saddam.

Pinochet was only convicted on a handful of murders.But how many hundreds did Bush personally order torture and death for?And how many hundreds of thousands of civilians did he kill in an illegal war? And what about Fallujah? It goes on and on. 148 instances of wrongful death in Iraq is a non-issue at this point.Bush is as guilty as Saddam apparently, and quite personally so.

The death penalty is a reality in America, and from where I stand, that’s what Justice looks like for Bush; so long as we are killing poor blacks and latinos in South Texas, I can’t see any other path to Justice in the case of this man’s war crimes.

If Bush is found guilty, I hope he is the last man executed in America, and that after him, we can put this barbaric practice in our past.

Let’s see … Saddam’s execution will trigger World War III and it was timed to take the air out of John Edwards’ announcement that he’s running for president?

Read it all here.

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