The greatest, gutsiest Father’s Day gift set I have ever seen [UPDATED]

| June 8, 2007

I was walking through Wal-Mart yesterday and walked past a display containing this:

Best. Father's. Day. Gift. EVAR.

Stop and think: what does it say when you give your father a Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker set for Father’s Day?

  • “Dad, you are the genocidal embodiment of evil, but I will eventually redeem you”?
  • “Dad, you tortured my sister and cut my hand off”?
  • “Dad, I’d rather throw myself down to certain destruction than acknowledge you as my father”?
  • “Dad, cut back on the smoking”?

Note that the packaging folds up into a Star Wars-themed gift box and even includes a Star Wars Father’s Day (or as the packaging puts it, I Am Your Father’s Day) card. The front of the card (you can see it in the photo above) shows Darth Vader in his black, gleaming, dangerous-looking, vaguely humanoid battle armor, holding his light saber in a, uh, let’s say in a Joseph-Campbellian archetypical and symbolic location, with a half-completed Death Star behind him, and says “It doesn’t take the power of the Force…” while inside it reads “…to know that you’re the greatest Dad in the Galaxy! Happy Father’s Day!”

Freud would have had a field day.

The two guys (and somehow, somehow I’m sure it was just two guys who thought it up over lunch or post-work drinks, who had to keep encouraging one another, and who supported each other’s arguments for the product to upper management) who got this through Hasbro marketing and out onto Wal-Mart shelves everywhere deserve to be put in charge of all Hasbro toy marketing or, at least, to be given a very hefty bonus and a very rich pension.

I, of course, bought one on the spot, and it will occupy a cherished location, forever unopened, in the Gallery of Cool Toys downstairs. I may go out and buy a few more.

Hat tip to, well, me. ..bruce..

[UPDATED 06/17/07 – 1638 MDT]

I had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some emergency prescriptions (long story), so while waiting on those, I wandered up the aisle and…yes! There were still a dozen or so of these left! And they had been marked down to $9.98!

So I bought three more. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them. ..bruce..

[UPDATED 06/10/08 – 0901 MDT]

OK, it’s a year later, and you can still buy this (via Amazon, no less).  ..bruce w..

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  1. singledad says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if the upper management of Hasbro have a not-so-closet cocaine habit…wtf??