Thompson is in the race

| September 6, 2007

Now the real race has started. Giuliani is still my top pick, but Thompson should make the whole race more interesting.

Between the Iraq Surge and the still-unraveling Hsu scandal (involving 83 — count ’em — 83 Democrats), I think the ’06 Democratic Wave has reached its crest. I will not only fearlessly predict (against current CW) that the Republicans will keep the White House in 2008, I think they will actually pick up ground in both the House and the Senate — and they may actually retake control of the Senate, quite possibly by Lieberman deciding after the ’08 elections to caucus with the Republicans.

There have been some rumblings of Clinton deciding to pull out of the race and focus on becoming Senate Majority Leader instead. I think she would be more effective and more powerful in that role than Sen. Reid has been (which pains me to say, since I happen to know Sen. Reid personally) — I also think she would be more centrist and pragmatic. On the other hand, former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe is predicting exactly the opposite, viz., that Clinton will drop out of her Senate run in order to focus on her Presidential race.

Now, if we can just fix the whole primary mess for 2012….   ..bruce..

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