Ode To A Pinhead (Web Site Outage)

| October 23, 2007

Sorry, I have little love for a systems admin who decides to knock us off the web as we are busy dishing out fire information to people in need. Yes, we were using a lot of bandwidth, and I agree that we should pay for it. But for us to find out that they want more money is by our web site going dark is a shining example of how not to do it.

For those of you who were wondering, we are being hosted by Lunarpages.com, who is also in Southern California. Suggest you hire myself or Webster as consultants to help you understand optimizing income from current customers.

Back to the fire…

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Category: Information Technology, Pitfalls, SAN DIEGO EMERGENCIES

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Bruce Henderson is a former Marine who focuses custom data mining and visualization technologies on the economy and other disasters.

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  1. krlinder says:

    Ahem, yes I was wondering where you went! Simply got a 404 page not found. Not helpful at all. Glad you are back on line and BOO to your host.