A white Christmas, indeed

| December 25, 2007

Forget that last posting; like almost every other predicted snowfall this winter, the actual accumulation was much less than predicted and didn’t have a lot of impact.

Unlike today.

As late as yesterday morning, the local weatherpeople were calling for “flurries” here in the front range (the plains and foothills east of the Rockies), and even that they were giving only a 50% chance of happening.

As I type this on Christmas afternoon, the wind chill outside is -14 deg F. Snow has been falling and blowing ever since I woke up at 7 am this morning. I’ve had to use the snow blower on the driveway twice; first on just the upper portion this morning to let our daughter, son-in-law, and kids make it up the rest of the driveway; second on the entire driveway this afternoon to let the same daughter and son-in-law leave. This is easily the single largest snowstorm we’ve had this fall/winter to date, though of course still nothing like the blizzard we had just before Christmas last year. My guess is that we’ll have gotten about 6″ of snow by the time this ends late tonight.

A bit more than a flurry, I’d say. But we’re safe, warm, and full of food (in spite of my burning all three of my pies). Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! ..bruce w..

[UPDATED 12/27/07 – 2148 MST] As it turned out, Denver broke the all-time record for snowfall on Christmas Day — 7.8″.  And we got another several inches today (in fact, snow is still falling as I type this). It’ll be a busy morning with the snow blower tomorrow.  ..bfw..

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  1. Charlie (Colorado) says:

    If you happen to see Bing Crosby, would you tell him to shut the hell up?

  2. Yeah…hope this isn’t all my fault. The first song I played this morning (from my standard Christmas morning playlist, from the original Time-Life Treasury of Christmas CDs) was — of course — “White Christmas”.

    Apparently we got it worse down here in Douglas County (“above 6000 feet”, as the weather advisories like to specify). The above-mentioned daughter called when she and her family got back home up in Longmont — and she said there was only about 1/4″ of snow on the ground. On the other hand, she saw there different cars spin out between here and there…. ..bruce w..

  3. Charlie (Colorado) says:

    I dunno, Bruce, I’m only about 9 miles south of Longmont and I got nearly a foot. (I live right off the north boundary of Jeffco Airport.) Not clear how much I got today, because it’s all been coming sideways, but it’s at least another 6 inches.

    I’m gonna call NCAR and ask when they can deliver the global warming they promised.