Tales of the Strange

| December 21, 2007

Or, rather, images of the strange. Quick quiz: what is this thing?

70 deg N, 40 deg W (Greenland)

I don’t know either, but if you open up Google Earth (4.2 beta), scroll over to the middle of Greenland (70 deg N, 40 deg W), and then start zooming in, this is what you’ll find. I have to think it’s a data artifact (deliberate or accidental) of some kind, since this ‘thing’ is about 50 miles long.

Anyone have a clue? Anyone?

Hat tip to Heckler Spray via The Anomalist.  ..bruce w..

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  1. bcnewman says:

    At first glance without thinking I thought it was the blade of a snow plow in action … then I read it was 50 miles long soooo…

  2. ktcat says:

    I agree. It’s a giant snow plow blade left by alien visitors who got their spaceship stuck in the ice.