Front Loading Primaries – Bad Idea?

| January 8, 2008


For reasons that I don’t understand, the polito-tards decided to shove the primaries as early as they could in 2008. This is going to cause 2 really unfortunate things:

1) The Primaries will turn into “American Idol – The President” – A larger portion of Americans care less about the important issues we all face. Further more many people like I, feel the responsibility to participate by voting, but are sick of the campaign already, and are not taking a close look at what is going on. As a result both parties may end up with nominees that may in fact be un-electable. There may be empty suits or have a closet full of skeletons, but it is quite possible that enough delegates will be assigned early enough that no one gets property examined.

2) The Campaign will drag on F O R E V E R – It has already gone on far too long, and we are likely to see a huge flurry of activity early in the year, followed by the front runners taking pot shots at each other for months and months.

The only hope that I have for this idiotic front loading is that it will happen so rapidly, with so little consideration of the candidates and what kind of president they would make, that no one will have enough delegates to be the nominee on the first convention vote.

As Webster correctly pointed out; we have had 2 tiny, quirky states do some voting. Yet once again you get Rockeye coverage from every source trying to hyper-analize what is happening, and come to some broader meaning.

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