Six Reasons Why Star Trek Should Stay Dead

| January 3, 2008


First off, I have to cite a wonderful new blog from the folks that bring us Gizmodo, this new critter being called io9, and it’s all about Science Fiction and things surrounding it. A fabulous read if you are wandering around the house with your iPod Touch tinkering.

One of the articles up there now – Six Reasons Why Star Trek Should Stay Dead. I have to confess that I physically cringed when I read about the new Star Trek movie in production. In my mind it sounds like “Muppet Babies In Space”. io9 seems to outline some fantastic reasons why Star Trek (at least for now) should probably stay dead:

6: Trek today is all about nostalgia – Rightly so, they are still working to milk the fans who want the “good old days”
5: Obsessive ultradork fans – There are a cadre of fans who go nuts over the smallest details and obsess over them. I think a lot of Voyager was simply playing to those goof balls, and made the series tedious.
4: It’s out of date – io9 seems to think the whole thing is about echos of the cold war, I guess I don’t agree with this one.
3: It no longer looks to the future – Right on here, they were hoisted with their own techno-babble. They kept advancing their technology that they had characters with nearly god-like capabilities. Where are you going after that? So they started looking earlier (Enterprise) which was a good idea at first, sadly they put it on a network very few people could receive and then wondered why they had so few viewers. Had they syndicated with SciFi Channel, I would guess it would still be going strong.
2: The Spock/Data/Seven/Odo straight man gag has been played out – There seems to be one in every series, it was a good dynamic but how about a new one?
1: Far too preachy – Maybe I am an old cheese-bag, but I liked many of the preachy bits.

My rather tiny and useless advice to the Trek franchise: If you feel you have to dust it off, lets try the most compelling variant – that mirror universe. There are so many things you can do there, and you don’t have to have any sort of continuity with the entire legacy that went before. We could see peaceful and wise Romulans trying to stem the barbaric ISS, all the while the Klingons are waging their campaign to halt Galactic Warming. It could Rock!

Go check out io9 now… go do it!

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