Clinton Wins 3 – McCain Closes The Deal

| March 5, 2008


Last night was another Tuesday primary swarm. Once again it was a parade of newsies working hard to create a story. Some of the specifics:

John McCain completed his bid to be the Republican nominee for 2008. Congratulations to him. It is my honest opinion that he was the weakest contender for the GOP slot, but was able to pull it off through a combination of factors including a lot of friends in the media, some very un-impressive competition and a strategic blunder by Gulliani. For the Republicans this means they have about 6 months to get their national campaign together and struggle to not fade from public view. At this point the Republican party and John McCain in particular is not going to be very interesting or compelling for a while because of the cage match on the Democratic side.

Hillary Clinton was able to rally to win Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island. She was in dire need of at least one big win, and she got 2. Barak Obama had strong showings in all states, but only one; Vermont. I had to laugh these past weeks when the pundits were all saying that she would have to drop out of the race, or that Obama was a clear winner in the primary cycle. Before last night’s primaries less than 100 delegats separated the two candidates. According to CNN, Senator Obama has 1451 to Senator Clinton’s 1365, out of 2025 needed to win.

For those of you not good with delegate math – there is no way either candidate can reach the needed 2025 majority. So when you see the Clinton or Obama campaign talking about how they “don’t see a way for the Senator to win” they are both right. Either one of them bows out or they fight it out at the convention.

This is exactly what some conservatives and some Republicans have hoped for. Conservative kingpin Rush Limbaugh has been urging the members of his vast radio audience in Texas and Ohio to back Clinton to keep the fight going. It’s unknown if this had any effect on yesterday’s results, but it underscores the fact that both Obama and Clinton have a strong following of their party. Neither one has a clear majority or advantage. Neither one as any reason at all to give up at this point. The Right is looking forward to a long, costly and damaging fight among the Democratic contenders over the summer, and it looks like they will have it.

So look for weeks upon weeks of Democratic scrapping, possibly all the way to the convention.

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