Using Google Maps in traffic court

| March 18, 2008

My step-son Aaron sent me this link about how Edwin Soto used Google Maps on the fly in traffic court to beat a traffic ticket:

The officer stated the street I was on was a one way westbound street and I was turning onto an avenue that was at a two way street separated by a concrete divider. Only thing was, I was on a two way, not one.

So it came time for my testimony and I stated that I was in mid-turn when an oncoming vehicle was coming toward me very quickly and I had decided not to make the turn until that SUV passed me. The Judge stopped and asked me how could there be an oncoming vehicle if the street was only one way. I stated that it was indeed a two way street. The officer reiterated that it was only a one way. So who was the judge to believe? I was desperate for proof so I did the unthinkable: I whipped out my notebook. I was very lucky to find an extremely bad connection via Wi-Fi. I pulled up Firefox and when to I typed up the intersection and zoomed in as close as possible…

Go read the whole thing. Of course, my first question was: was the WiFi connection that Soto found truly public or merely unsecured. 🙂 ..bruce w..

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