Nerd History Lesson – Evil Bruce

| April 10, 2008

A blast from the past, circa 1992. The place is San Diego, the company is Pages Software. Back then the internet was not yet invented, but we has usenet news groups.

The following appeared Jan 17, 1992 in

Just how many Bruce’s are there at Pages?


I have recently gotten a couple of peices of Mail from people assuming that I
am Mr. Bruce Webster, author of the NeXT Book. Just to set the record
straight, he is

I am (Bruce Henderson). (contains less than 1% of the USDA allowance of Webster)

So let’s summerize.

Bruce Webster:
Used to write for Byte
Used to write for MacWorld
Sometimes writes for NeXTWORLD
Wrote the NeXT Book
Supreme Lord of Engineering at Pages, Inc.
Known in house as “Good Bruce”

Bruce Henderson:
Worked on PowerStep at Ashton Tate
Wrote the (former) Toasters Module for BackSpace
Creator of SuperHack
Resident NeXT Spud at Pages, Inc.
Known in house as “Evil Bruce”

(the other one)

To this day, Webster and I still get mail for each other, especially when we have a hot topic on the blog. We would have meetings at Pages, and people would keep addressing “Bruce”. As we were both doing a lot of coding and design, there would be rampant confusion. So we derived that I was “Evil Bruce”, and Webster was “Good Bruce”.

Evil – as in I was noted for being up to eternal mischief. Case in point: Shoes. Shoes are seldom safe around me, even to this day. The team at Pages had a habit of taking off their shoes during the day as they worked in their offices / desks.

Once the shoes are off the feet, they are fair game. It started by just collecting the shoes, but that was not very evil. It evolved into putting stray shoes into the freezer in the office kitchen. Now we are getting more evil! Our co-workers would get ready to leave for the day, be unable to find their footware, and when they finally did they were very very cold.

This finally evolved into an assault on Webster’s trademark Berkenstocks. They were forever off his feet exposing his scraggly toes. One day we took a stand for evil and podiatal michief.

We “liberated” the Berks early in the day, and into the freezer they went. After the first few hours, we would take them out every so often and mist them with a spray bottle. The result was hoped to be something akin to a shoe shaped hailstone with a gnarly Berkenstock inside.

Suffice to say, Webster’s feet may have never recovered.

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