Godspeed, Jon, and come home soon

| July 6, 2008

Our son Jon left Camp Pendleton on July 3rd to start his long journey to Iraq. He went up to March AFB; from there, he flew to Maine, then to Germany, and then to Kuwait, where it was probably still July 4th when he arrived. I thought of him while sitting with Sandra on our deck the evening of the 4th, watching fireworks got up from a dozen different locations, miles in all directions.

Jon will spend a month in Kuwait before deploying to Iraq proper. His unit’s mission will be to aid in training Iraqi police and army personnel. I promised him once he got back in touch with us, I’d send him a copy of this photo to remind him of cool nights in the Colorado Rockies:

Resting at 9000'

His deployment is only scheduled to last seven (7) months; still, we all know how that can go, particularly with the troubles in Afghanistan. But, damn I’m proud of him: proud of his willingness to serve and of what he’s making of his life. ..bruce w..

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  1. Larry says:

    And proud you should be.