Why McCain Still Gives Me The Creeps

| September 7, 2008


First off, I need to confess. I was as thrilled as Webster was when I found out last week that “Moose Blaster” Palin was named the VP pick. I have no clue why that happened, but I am very glad it did happen. Up until this point I was not going to cast any vote for President this cycle, I despise John McCain, and have for quite some time. I know about his history, and I think he is an amazing human being, I just don’t think he is who I want for president.

Since he named Governor Palin to the ticket, I have donated money, a LOT of money. I know that it is going to elect him as well (I am across my own goals) but I have decided that it’s worth it to try and give Palin a chance.

I have always considered Senator John McCain as the ultimate and consummate Washington insider. I know he works hard to pretend he is a “Maverick” and thinks first of the American people, but frankly I have not seen that to be true. From the gang of 14 to the Keating 5, there is one person John McCain works for, and that is himself.

I do not count myself as a Republican as much as I count myself a Conservative. I could care less about the establishment Red team, where I consider John McCain is their 2nd Fiddle after President Bush. He is a RINO of the worst sort, and will quickly throw conservatives under the bus the first moment it benefits him to do so. In fact if you listen to him post convention, he is already drifting back towards his fluffy love of “reaching across the isle”. I know you are a professional Washington insider, Senator McCain, but the Democratic majority in the House and Senate are never going to give you an inch willingly. By trying to be their friends, you only make yourself look foolish.

Part of why the Conservative base is willing to tolerate him at all right now, is that Conservatives are fundamentally optimistic about the future and people. We are big believers in redemption, and are willing to give more chances to people than the probably deserve. The choice of Gov. PAlin as the running-mate opened just enough hope among the Conservative base that they are willing to give him one more, undeserved chance.

John McCain is the 3rd slimiest person in the race, after (in order) Joe Biden and Barrak Obama. He is the acme of the eliete, country-club, check-pants Republican crowd. He has the commons sense to understand that he was going down in flames because the Conservative base was not going to touch him. No Republican can possibly win without them. Need more proof? Adding Govenor Palin to the campaign unleashed a flood of money that had been sitting this race out.

Why did I open my wallet and spend big for a man I would rather stay limited to performing mischief in the Senate? Because like a lot of Conservatives I play a long game. Wednesday night, when I had the luxury of being in one spot long enough to watch TV, I saw something that gave me hope for a future where we can give the conservative path that Reagan walked another try.

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Bruce Henderson is a former Marine who focuses custom data mining and visualization technologies on the economy and other disasters.

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  1. Larry says:

    Not going to overtly try to make you change your mind.

    But I would like to suggest that you have three choices, of which you must (and will) select exactly one.

    1. Vote for the candidate that appears to be more likely to affirmatively do serious damage.

    2. Vote for the candidate that appears to be less likely to affirmatively do serious damage.

    3. Don’t vote and increase the likelihood that the more dangerous candidate will be elected by people willing to stand up and be counted.