Things to buy with $1.2 T

| September 24, 2008

I think it’s hard to imagine the scope of what is being considered. The total cost so far of the bailout, if they throw in the other $700B will be 1.2 TRILLION dollars. You have to wonder, what else could we do with that money…. Lets have a look!

You could give every person in the world $200 – as much as some people in Africa make in a lifetime


You could give every family in the US $16,716. That’s enough to keep a lot of folks out of foreclosure without involving the wall street parasites.

American Family.jpg

You could build 200 new nuclear power plants – enough to have 4 in every state of the union supplying clean cheap electricity to everyone. That’s enough excess capacity to radically change industry, transportation and communications.


You could build 1200 new oil refineries – enough put put around 24 in every state in America. That’s enough to become the world’s supplier of refined crude for the foreseeable future.

oil refinery 1.jpg

You could replace half the cars in the US with hybrids – about 60 Million vehicles, all of which could be made in the USA while at the same time giving the finger to the oil barons of the world


600 Nimitz Carriers – laid end to end would be as wide as Lake Michgan

600 B2 Bombers – Enough to bomb every large city in the world at the same time (even ours if you wanted to)


You could pay every family in Iraq and Afghanistan $80,000 – Likely enough to bribe them into being relaxed and happy for years to come.

Afgan Family.jpg

If this were not all over the news, you might think this was Mike Myers playing some Dr. Evil routine. Stop and think people – there are much better ideas to use this much money. Let’s hear yours…

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