A moment of panic

| October 13, 2008

I was out running various errands today, which included stopping by my bank to deposit a few checks. The branch building looked deserted when I pulled into the parking lot, and as I went to go in the first set of doors, I saw a piece of paper taped to the inside of the 2nd set of doors that said, simply, “CLOSED”.

Hmm. I know that the branch has had some rennovations going on, and I thought it might be tied to that, so in my rounds I drove a few miles over to the next nearest branch of the same bank — and noted as I pulled around into the parking lot that it also appeared to be largely deserted. And, yes, as I parked I could see that there was another “CLOSED” sign taped up to the inside doors, but there was a lot more printing on it, so I got out to look closer, with some trepedation.

Oh. Columbus Day.

Being self-employed, I tend to lose track of minor holidays. (Frankly, I tend to lose track of the current date and the day of the week as well.) But it’s a relief to know that my bank hasn’t suddenly succumbed to the current financial craziness.  ..bruce w..

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