I, for one, welcome our new Democratic overlords….

| November 4, 2008

No, seriously. Being a fan of democracy means living with what the people decide, especially when it’s not what you wanted (a lesson that the political Left in the US seems forget every time the vote goes against them). Above all, I’m glad that we have a clear, uncontested victory (though I’d be tickled if McCain actually won the popular vote, to finally shut up those idiots still fuming over the 2000 election).

And whatever my policy disagreements with Pres. Obama, as an American I am thrilled that he ran, that he won his party’s nomination, and that he won the general election in a convincing manner. In my mind, at least, it goes a long ways towards erasing the original sin of slavery. I am grateful to have lived at the right time in our country’s history to see the US progress from the Civil Rights Act to a black President.

Of course, the Federal government is all now in the Democrats’ lap. They have the Presidency, the Senate (by a clear majority), and the House (ditto), just as they did in 1992. They’ve only got about a year of pointing fingers back at Bush, particularly since they’ve held Congress for two years now. And then — it’s all going to be on their watch.

Should be interesting.  ..bruce w..

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  1. lccrisle says:

    The ride should be interesting in nothing else. I wouldn’t want to be President, ever, but certainly not now. I don’t envy him.