Obama’s CIA Briefing – Welcome To The Party!

| November 6, 2008


Oh to be a fly on the wall! News reports say today is the day that President-elect Barry Obama gets his first real intelligence briefing as the Bush administration beings the transfer of national command authority.

Up until now, our newly minted President-elect was a rookie Senator, and did not get the full details of everything that was going on. If the news is correct, all of that ends today. Expect Mr. Obama to rapidly increase the ratio of gray hair on his head.

You may recall President-elect Obama, it was easy to take pot shots at Bush & Co. when you were the upstart outsider, today you being to learn that knowledge is responsibility, and that the world is a very dangerous place. It’s chock full of bad people who are working night and day to perform horrible acts against the United States.

All those classified programs that you demagogue to get votes? Today you find out they are the only thing that gives you a chance of getting a decent nights rest.

Oh yes, welcome to the party President-elect Obama. Today you find out just how dangerous the world is. Hope you brought a change of underpants.

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