Congratulations, and God bless Pres. Obama

| January 20, 2009

While I have issues with the political agenda likely to be pushed by Pres. Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress, I was and am profoundly moved by his election. And I think the real benefit of his ascension to office is that the Left’s handmaiden, the mainstream media, will likely focus on cheerleading the economy back up rather than talking it down as they have for the past eight years.  That will probably do more to help the current economic crisis than all the Congressional bailouts and government programs.  And since I try to live by the maxim that I’d rather be happy than right, I truly hope that his efforts, and even Congress’s, will help turn things around.  ..bruce w..

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Webster is Principal and Founder at Bruce F. Webster & Associates, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Brigham Young University. He works with organizations to help them with troubled or failed information technology (IT) projects. He has also worked in several dozen legal cases as a consultant and as a testifying expert, both in the United States and Japan. He can be reached at, or you can follow him on Twitter as @bfwebster.

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  1. lccrisle says:

    If a President Obama can get the media to put a positive spin on anything, I might just have to switch parties!

  2. BWJones says:

    If he can deliver on half of the things promised or talked about, history will be very kind to him. But it will be what is accomplished that will be what is important and the law of unintended consequences will be a decisive factor here as well. After all, look what Obama has done for gun sales. That certainly was not predicted by proponents of gun control.

    It will be interesting to follow the Obama administration through history and it seems like he is able to certainly organize, think and deliver. I will be surprised if we look back on the Bush administration 50 years from now with any sort of fondness or admiration.