Reverse H1B – IBM Sending US Tech Workers To India

| February 6, 2009

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Imagine, all of this squalor could be yours, you lucky US IBM employees! In case you are not a technology worker, over the past 15 years an increasing number of skilled jobs in this country have been going to (largely) Indian workers who come to this country on what is known as an H1B visa. This program was created because, in theory, there were not enough skilled workers in the US.

I don’t blame the folks from India for wanting to come here, the US is miles better than the crowded sweat-box that is the majority of India. But the legions of H1B workers have been slowly making it harder for skilled US citizens to find jobs. Now with the economy hitting the skids, those geniuses at IBM have the perfect answer – let’s ship those jobs to India. Let it be known that I fully support IBM’s decision to do what it wants with it’s company, including (in this case) running it aground.

But here’s a twist, seems that the magnanimous folks at IBM are generously offering all those technology workers about to have their jobs shipped overseas the chance of a life time – to take the job they have today in India for the going rate (in India). From CNN:

NEW YORK (CNN) — IBM employees being laid off in North America now have an alternative to joining the growing ranks of the unemployed – work for the company abroad.

Big Blue is offering its outgoing workers in the United States and Canada a chance to take an IBM job in India, Nigeria, Russia or other countries.

Only “satisfactory performers” who are “willing to work on local terms and conditions” should pursue the jobs, the document says. IBM would not immediately confirm if it means that the workers would be paid local wages and would be subject to local labor laws.

Everyone hurry up to move to Mumbai, staff your current job for a pittance half the planet away from your family, your friends and your country. Oh, and once you find out that some of these places prefer to higher their countrymen (and women) over foreigners, you are on your own to get back.

Thus continues the slide of the once mighty IBM further into the abyss.

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