Denver Tea Party — photos and report

| April 15, 2009

Sandra and I rode the Denver Light Rail (first time!) from Lincoln Avenue up into downtown Denver. Our first clue that there might be a good turnout was the fact that the train were were on was full of people with signs:

Not just all old fogey taxpayers

Not just all old fogey taxpayers

And as we walked up to the Colorado State Capitol, we saw that Denver’s Finest were ready for anything:

Be on the lookout...

Be on the lookout...

More after the jump.

Even though we got to the Capitol about 45 minutes early, there was already a sizeable crowd:

By the way, the Colorado Legislature is in session in that building

The Colorado Legislature was in session in that building during the rally.

And there were plenty of signs out:

The sign on the left says, "I hate that you made me a protestor."

The chanting and cheering got quite loud at times; we were told that the Legislature could hear us.



Did Jefferson really say that?

Did Jefferson really say that?

Some of the Republican state legislators (and their staff) came out to cheer the crowd on (a few came down and spoke as well):

Sometimes leadership is getting out in front of the crowd

Sometimes leadership is getting out in front of the crowd

By now, the crowd had grown to at least a few thousand (the Denver Post estimated it at 5000, but I think the total was more like 3000):

Here’s a shot from across the street:

Lots of people there, you betcha.

Lots of people there, you betcha.

And the large crowd brought more signs:


There's a small sign towards the back that reads, "Where is John Galt?"

That sign with a gold frame has a copy of the US Constitution

Well, then.

Well, then.

The yellow "Don't tread on me" flags were quite popular.

Sandra, being a long-time rabble rouser, was having a great time:


Ask the OB/GYNs of Utah Valley Hospital about Sandra's crusades sometime.

And, of course, extensive police intervention was required:

Pretty quiet duty.

You can cut the tension with a knife.

I actually have a lot more pictures, but they all tend to look like the ones above; you can only show so many pictures of white middle-class folks carrying hand-lettered signs. It was a great rally. ..bruce w..

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  1. bstormhands says:

    Hey, I was there too.

    When was the last time you saw this many middle-class white people carrying signs? This may be something significant. I talked to those very police and their biggest concern was someone getting hit by an RTD bus:)