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| April 30, 2009
Where in the World is Air Force One?

Where in the World is Air Force One?

OVERNIGHT LINKS — well, just one, really.

I’m heading out to the Left Coast for some time to come, so blogging will be a bit more sporadic and light. For today . . .

ITEM: Debra Saunders takes a look at Pelosi’s Tortured Explanation:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had been pushing for a “truth commission” to investigate the CIA’s use of “enhanced interrogation” techniques like waterboarding — until Republicans started shining the spotlight on Pelosi herself. Now she is not so adamant.

Spokesman Brendan Daly told me that Pelosi wants a truth commission, “but she still realizes the political reality” — as in the opposition of President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The rest of the reality may well be this: Pelosi knew that White House lawyers had sanctioned waterboarding in 2002 — and did not protest.

Read the whole thing, and I’ll see you on the weekend.  ..bruce w..

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