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| August 5, 2009
Up in the mountains for a picnic

Up in the mountains for a picnic

After four years of living in Colorado, Sandra and I decided it was time to do some local sightseeing.  So we packed up some soda left over from our large BBQ, stopped by Safeway to pick up some picnic foods (cold fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans, and a few other things), and headed out with our two youngest MinPins — Winnie (Wingnut) and Marti (Moonbat) — in tow.

We drove up to Estes Park, where Sandra and her family used to go camping almost every week for one summer when she was ten (her family lived in Boulder for a few months). Having made it to Estes Park, we then headed into the Rocky Mountain National Park, to the picnic grounds at Upper Beaver Meadows. Sandra took the dogs on a long walk while I laid everything out on the picnic bench; we then stuck the dogs back in the car while we ate.

My sweetheart.

My sweetheart.

It’s mostly quiet up here, except for the wind in the pine trees and the guy at a nearby table who carried on a loud cell phone converstation for about 15 minutes.  Sandra just got back from walking the dogs again; I’m going to take them for a while.

We’ll have to do this more often.  ..bruce w..

P.S. We actually had a much better time than it appears from the photos above. I was mostly squinting to see my laptop’s screen in the outdoor light, and Sandra, well, Sandra never likes having her picture taken.

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