ALERT: Healthcare public option end-run by Sen. Reid?

| September 30, 2009

ITEM Creeping Socialism Alert: In spite of having the ‘public option’ option voted down twice in the Senate Finance Committee, apparently there’s still a chance that we could end up with it anyway. The Heritage Foundation outlines how the approach would work:

So just how close are we to being inflicted with the Obama/Moore dream of anti-capitalist, competition-free, government-run health care? Closer than many realize. Multiple sources on the Hill have told The Foundry that as early as next week, the Senate could be debating Obamacare. Senate Majority Leader Reid has stated an intention to take the HELP Committee product and merge it with the Senate Finance Committee markup that is expected to be over by this Thursday or Friday. Their plan is to proceed to a House passed non-health care bill to provide a shell of legislation to give Obamacare a ride to the House and then straight to the President’s desk.

Read the whole thing. Then contact your Senators and Representatives.   Let them know that Michael Moore only has one vote (that we know of), but we have millions.  ..bruce w..

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