Funny math from the White House — Colorado version

| October 31, 2009

Much like Cash for Clunkers, but on a vaster scale, the Obama stimulus package is being revealed as a fraudulent failure. The Denver Post shows that the numbers here in Colorado just don’t add up:

The federal government reported Friday that Colorado created or saved 8,094 jobs through grants, loans and contracts funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Problem is, the figure is wrong, according to an analysis of data by The Denver Post.

Although a Colorado Springs Head Start program reported it had created or preserved 269 jobs, the real number was three, according to an interview with a program manager. And although the largest private contract in the state funded with stimulus dollars was estimated at $166 million, the number was off by tens of millions, apparently because of a data-entry error, contract information shows.

Despite the government’s bid to provide unprecedented details of spending, figures for stimulus awards in Colorado, as with an earlier data release, are inconsistent, inaccurate or incomplete so far.

This grand experiment by Congress and the Obama Administration is turning into one of the greatest fiscal disasters in US government history.  At least, until and unless Congress passes “health care reform”.  ..bruce w..

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