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| October 21, 2009

Headline: Obama’s War on Fox News Becomes a Quagmire

THE WHITE HOUSE – Despite the President’s promise of a swift and decisive victory, Obama’s War on Fox News has developed all signs of an unwinnable quagmire, making the White House even more isolated in its unilateral attempts to crush the growing media insurgency. As the war continues to grind on for a second month, public opinion is shifting towards a quick and complete withdrawal. While many observers still agree that the “War on Limbaugh” is a “just and necessary war,” even the former supporters of the war effort are now labeling the War on Fox an “unnecessary war of choice” and claim that the cable channel had nothing to do with Obama’s falling approval numbers.

Some say that the general in charge, Anita Dunn, greatly underestimated the power of fiery critic Glenn “Muqtada” Beck and his band of radical followers, who have inflicted heavy casualties on White House forces.

Read the whole thing.

IMPORTANT UPDATE from Stoaty Weasel, whose blog you should be reading:

That about sums it up.

MEANWHILE, here the obligatory link to Boing Boing in their ‘good war’ against the offensive idiocies of Ralph Lauren:

However, Ralph Lauren’s marketing arm and its law firm don’t see it that way. According to them, this is an “infringing image,” and they thoughtfully took the time to send a DMCA takedown notice to our awesome ISP, Canada’s Priority Colo. One of the things that makes Priority Colo so awesome is that they don’t automatically act on DMCA takedowns. Instead, they pass them on to us and we talk about whether they pass the giggle-test.

This one doesn’t.

So, instead of responding to their legal threat by suppressing our criticism of their marketing images, we’re gonna mock them. Hence this post.

Click through to see the image in question.  ..bruce w..

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