Veterans Day 2016

| November 11, 2016
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A freshly-minted Jon Webster, USMC, from a decade or so ago.


OK, since I’ve only made one post since last Veterans Day, I probably need to revive the blog a bit. In the meantime….


Here is our annual Veterans Day post listing the veterans, living and passed on, in our respective families:


Bruce Henderson:

  • Andy Henderson, USN (active) — [nephew]
  • Bruce Henderson, USMC (former) — Yes, I was a Jar Head
  • Peter Anderson, USMC — My dear departed uncle Peter served with Marine Intel during Vietnam
  • Jim Zimmerman, Illinois National Guard (former) — My uncle Jim served 2 tours in the National Guard
  • Ian Henderson, RAF — [my dear departed father] RAF pilot who served the crown during the Battle of Britain as well the far east as a flight leader. He lied about his age to join the flight corps and was a decorated Ace for combat action.
  • Ron Henderson, RAF — [uncle] RAF radio man,
  • Robert Zimmerman, USN — My dear departed step-grandfather served in the US Navy during WW2
  • Howard Martin, USN — My biological grandfather was a pilot who died in WWII when my mother was just a child

Bruce Webster:

  • Staff Sgt. Darren Green, USMC (active) — served twice in Afghanistan; still in active service. [nephew]
  • Jon A. Webster, USMC (former) —  served in al Rutbah, Iraq; now training in the US Merchant Marine/Military Sealife Command.
  • Heather Harris, US Army National Guard (former) — [daughter]
  • Greg Barsic, USMC (former), USCG (active) — currently serving in the US Coast Guard in California [former son-in-law]
  • Brad Poeltler, USN (ret.) — former Naval aviator in the F-14 RAG [brother-in-law]
  • Robert Wendt, USN (ret.) –  former Navy pilot [former brother-in-law]
  • Bill Lowell, US Army (former) — [former brother-in-law]
  • John A. Webster, USN (ret.) — spent 29 years in the US Navy; served in both WW II (including Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, and Guam) and Vietnam (two tours) [my father]
  • James Francis Webster, USN — served in WW II [my paternal grandfather]
  • John Silas Fickes, CSM, USN — served in WW I, Mexican War (1920), and WW II [my maternal grandfather]
  • John William Fickes, 1st Sgt., Co. A, PA Militia, 8th Reg. Infantry — served in Spanish-American War [my great-grandfather]
  • James Edward Taylor, Pvt. Co. D, II PA Volunteer Infantry — Civil War [my great-great-grandfather]

God bless them all, and God bless America. ..bruce w..

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