About Bruce Henderson

But, yes, this is really Bruce HendersonMy first computer was a Radio Shack TRS-80. I suppose my dear Grandfather is partly to blame getting myself and my brothers Jaimie and Gordon started with computers. In 1978 he decided to buy a Radio Shack TRS-80, because we convinced him we would do interesting things with it. True to form we had it disassembled with a couple of weeks of getting it, and began to “hack” on what it was doing. We were especially fond of shoving binary data into strange places in memory, modifying how programs looked and work.

Writing software is something I have always done ever since, and I imagine there will not be a day that I walk this earth when I am not at least thinking about what kind of strange capability I can help put in motion next.

During the 1980’s. I spent several years as a US Marine, serving with the last Marine photo reconnissance squardron, VMFP-3, based out of MCAS El Toro with frequent deployments to Iwakuni Japan, Subic Bay in the Phillipines and an assortment of other scenic locations about our world. Even during this time, I was able to save enough money to purchase a very early Apple Macintosh computer that I ran a small Pascal development environment on. I would spend endless hours coding tools to do audio signal processing when I was not on duty. In my mind there were no limits to what could be created in software except what I could figure out the math for, and had time to create.

My exposure to the intelligence community gave me a tremendous appreciation for the quiet team of professionals who are always working to try and find the next threat to our country before it makes the news. I am an un-ashamed patriot and a believer that the core concept of the United States is the superior and dominant force for good in the world.

After the Marines I have held a wonderful collection of jobs in the software and IT world, ranging from small start ups (some even with that Webster guy), large companies as an employee and even larger companies as a consultant. I have worked in many public and classified projects, including ones that are even being used in the field today. My laptop (an Alienware) has been called “The World’s Most Dangerous Laptop” given the number of classified locations it has been, and what has run on it.

I believe that all of my friends should be rich. I have been fortunate that many of them have in fact been able to make a large pile of money, many through what I call the “Nerd Lottery”; creating something new and turning it into a profitable venture.

I am married to my high-school sweetheart, who was kind enough to take pity on a crazy fellow and help him out in life, and I would be forever lost without her. I could not have asked for a better mate or companion, and she has been incredibly supportive of all of the twists and turns our lives and my career have thrown at us.

Today I am working closely with another long term friend, Tony Gibson, to be at the vanguard of a new form of software that will provide an alternative to the complexity and bloat that have become the norm for what passes for information systems. Like any start up efforts the work is hard, and the hours are long, but it’s worth all of it.

The system is specifically created to scavenge dispersed information, assemble and correlate it using criteria such as location, subject and network relationship, and present it via the web. We call this system Boomerang, and it’s a platform for creating enterprise mash ups. To see an example of what it can do, take a look at:

Hardtack – Real Estate Tracker

You can reach me at bruce@sigalarm.com

And yes, at times I have been known as “Evil Bruce”, but that is a tale for another day.

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