A bit more on the puppies, and then back to serious business

| September 18, 2006

First off, Wingnut’s official name is now “Howling Wingnut”. She howls — though it’s an eerie, high-pitched howl. She tilts her head back, points her snout to the sky, and honest-to-goodness howls. I’ll see if I can get a snapshot (or better yet, video) of it.

Second, the girls now have nicknames: “Winnie” and “Marti”. Winnie is obviously Wingnut; Marti (Moonbat) got her nickname because, Sandra said, there are times when she looks like a little Martian:

Dog or Martian? You decide.... Toss up for 10: Name the movie this creature comes from...

At other times, Marti lives up to her formal name of Moonbat:
All she needs is a pair of wings....
Winnie, on the other hand, looks more like a classic MinPin, except her snout’s a bit thick:

Such a picture of innocence....

It’s hard to tell yet how much her snout will lengthen and thin out as she grows — but she’s a beauty:

Cute, cute, cute....

Mirabile dictu, both puppies are largely housetrained. Don’t ask me how; it took us weeks with Laverne and Shirley, and it wasn’t pretty. However, Marti and Winnie have immediately caught on to doing their business outside where Deacon and Laverne do it; we’ve had less than half a dozen “accidents” in the house since brining them home last Thursday.

Also, Deacon and Laverne are adjusting well to the puppies. Marti seems to favor hanging around Laverne, while Winnie likes to follow Deacon around. On the other hand, Marti’s willing to poke at anyone:

Deacon is _so_ patient with these puppies....
And, of course, being MinPins, they all like to curl up together, particularly if there’s a human involved:

Ever wonder why they call it a dogpile?

This last photo pretty much reflects the different personalities: Marti content to lie in the sun, while Winnie looks for new worlds to conquer…or, at least, new things to chew:

I wonder if that tree is edible....

More photos as time goes on. ..bruce..

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  1. Jessica says:

    I want to pet your puppies! I am thinking about getting a new one. I have a two year old toy poodle. I want another doggie.