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| September 14, 2006

…we have two new Miniature Pinscher puppies:

The light brown one standing by Sandra is named “Barking Moonbat”, while the black-and-tan one with the ball on Sandra’s back is “Flaming Howling Wingnut” (see here for explanation). They are sisters from the same litter, just as Laverne and Shirley were. That’s Laverne standing to the left; Shirley was killed by a wild animal last December, and Laverne hasn’t been quite the same since. (Frankly, neither have we.) Not shown in this picture is Deacon, the 13-year-old alpha dog (also a MinPin).

Deacon’s a bit too old to give Laverne (barely four years old) the activity and companionship that she had with her sister Shirley, and over the past several months she’s shown an increase in anxiety and some obsessive behaviors. So we have been looking for some time for a new MinPin puppy. These two showed up a week ago at the local pet shop. I happened to stop by, saw them, told Sandra, and she stopped by. And they I stopped by again.

Sandra and I weren’t happy that the breeder had clipped their ears (and done it while they were still so young), we were reluctant to buy from a pet store instead of from a reputable MinPin breeder, and we didn’t feel that either one was a replacement for Shirley. But today we went there together for the first time. As you can see, we walked out with both dogs. We couldn’t be happier. Laverne is still adjusting to the puppies, but she is more playful and content, and less anxious, than she has been for months.

We now have four dogs, two of them puppies needing housebreaking. I’m sure in a few days that Sandra and I will look at each other and wonder just what the hell we were thinking. But right now, Wing and Moon are curled up on our master bed pillows, sound asleep, both apparently feeling very much at home:

As they should. ..bruce..

UPDATE (09/15/06): Thanks to Dr. Steven Taylor of Poliblog for the linkback and welcome to those coming in from there.

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One of the two puppies may have have her ‘first name’ changed to “Howling” or “Shrieking” or something like that. I’m not sure which one it was, but the noises coming from their crate from about 1:15 to about 2:45 am last night were ones that I have not heard outside of a National Geographic special. If she does it again tonight, I may record it and post the MP3 on this site.

And while my eyes are still stinging a bit from a lack of sleep last night, the girls are doing fine:

Here are the girls when they’re a bit more awake:

More photos are up in this post. ..bfw..

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  1. N. Mallory says:


    And what great names!

  2. c.a. Marks says:

    They are adorable!

  3. Jessica says:

    Wow, they are super cute — the names, too. I’m awwing like crazy. Makes me want to adopt a new furry pal!