Speaking of North Korea…

| October 10, 2006

FURTHER UPDATE (still 10/11/06, but later on): Since some of the later YouTube postings of the David Zucker “Madeleine Albright visits North Korea” video are also disappearing, I’ve captured it (using Applian tools) and am making it available here for downloads (right click and do a “Save Link As”):

Please feel free to download it and post it on your own blog, web site, etc. I say this in anticipation of suddenly exceeding my monthly bandwidth allotment for the first time ever.

ATTEMPTED CENSORSHIP UPDATE (10/11/06): Unhappy liberals have marked the original video posting as being “inappropriate for some users” — something of a joke given what else is freely accessable on YouTube. However, other folks keep posting new versions of the video (though some of those no longer appear to be accessible at all). Armies of Davids clashing by night, and all that.

In the meantime…all I can say about this video is: Heh.â„¢

Hat tip to the Drudge Report. ..bruce..

“Heh.” is a registered trademark of Instapundit.

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