The Great Denver Blizzard — Round 2 — moving away

| December 30, 2006

The low pressure system causing this storm has shifted east and south, limiting the blizzard impact to the eastern and southern portions of Colorado — which means at this point, we’re not going to get much more in the way of snow. I spent two hours snowblowing the driveway early yesterday evening, and it’s stayed relatively clear of new snow. This is the 3rd time I’ve done it during this storm, so the snow hasn’t had much of a chance to build up like last time. But I’ve got to get things more cleared off since we’re doing an open house/BBQ on New Year’s Day. Oh, and I’m in the middle of several cases as well.

[UPDATED 12/30/06 – 2:30 pm] This being Colorado, the sun came out, even though it’s supposed to be snowing some today. Here’s the front of the house — the thing to keep in mind is that the area to the left of that tree is our front lawn, which is roughly the same level as the cleared driveway:

Last night, I started clearing a path from the driveway to the lower entrance of the house, but halted when the snow started getting over 3′ deep; that’s the notch to the right there:

More digging to do. ..bruce..

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