Tweeter Cuts Back – Video Fans Mourn

| March 24, 2007

Tweeter Cuts Back – Video Fans Mourn

Tweeter is a good store, they have an excellent selection of equipment, the sales staff tend to have a clue (at least at the local ones) and the prices are competitive. I purchased my current, highly prized Samsung DLP at Tweeter, and I was very happy with the sales and support.

Now word comes (via Consumerist) that Tweeter is closing 49 of their stores. Of special note (and grim news to me) is that they are calling it quits in places like California and New York.

“As we continue to face the challenges of our ever-changing industry, we do so with a renewed focus on the future of our brand and on our ability to deliver the ultimate consumer electronics shopping experience,” said Tweeter President and CEO Joe McGuire. “We have therefore made some critical decisions to both consolidate and reinvest our resources.”

While there are some on Wall Street and in the press who insist the economy is not in rough water at the moment, this should be a pretty clear signal that revenues are not meeting operating needs. This on the heels of CompUSA pulling out of more than 50% of their locations.

What is a video nerd to do?

Tweeter Press Release

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