Electronic/hard copy of The Art of ‘Ware [version 2.0] now available

| June 1, 2007

Due to multiple requests, I have taken the current draft of The Art of ‘Ware [version 2.0] and made it into a PDF file (573 KB, 104 pages), which you can now download, distribute, print, and so on. As I explain in the document itself:

In making this draft version available, I retain my copyright and all commercial rights. However, I am granting provisional permission for non-commercial use and distribution. In other words, you can freely distribute this document in electronic and/or hardcopy form, but you cannot sell it, either on its own or as part of a set of other goods. In other words, the only way you or anyone else should make money off this work is by applying its principles, not by selling it to someone else.


[06/02/07] Yeah, I know, I managed to have two sentences in a row starting with “In other words…”.  Trust me, that will change in draft 1.91.

Still: “Goe, litel book!” — Chaucer.

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