| August 11, 2007

A few weeks ago, a British newspaper — the Newquay Guardian — carried a story about a Great White shark being sighted off the coast of England. This report, of course, was immediately cited a further evidence of global warming, as these 15,000 Google hits demonstrate.

Turns out that the picture was a hoax, or (more accurately) the picture was real but had been taken off the coast of South Africa:

A photograph appearing to confirm that a great white shark was lurking in waters just off Britain was today exposed as a fake.
The man who took the picture, which was featured prominently in the Sun, admitted he had snapped the creature during a fishing trip in South Africa rather than off Newquay, northern Cornwall.

“I took the picture while I was on a fishing trip in Cape Town and just sent it in as a joke,” Kevin Keeble told the Newquay Voice newspaper. “I didn’t expect anyone to take be daft enough to take it seriously.

“I can’t believe the story went so big in the first place. I didn’t even get any money out of it. If I’d have made a few quid then maybe I could have gone on another fishing trip to South Africa.”

Oops.  ..bruce..

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