Ten Postulates of Political Correctness

| August 28, 2007

Baron Bodissey [nice pen name, since I happen to know where it comes from] does an excellent job of laying out what he calls the Ten Postulates of Political Correctness:

1. America is uniquely evil.
2. America is never justified in defending itself.
3. Illiterate people from poor societies are superior to Americans.
4. The Earth would be better off without human beings.
5. Making a profit is always immoral.
6. Differences between individuals or groups are unfair.
7. For Designated Victim Groups, strong feelings excuse all behavior.
8. Policies informed by Judæo-Christian principles are inherently suspect.
9. Conservatives are hypocrites; liberals are sincere.
10. There are no acts of God; there are only acts of Government.

He then goes on to explain what each means; read the whole thing. And feel free (in comments) to add any postulates you think the good Baron missed.

Hat tip to Conservative Grapevine. ..bruce..

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