Camp Pendleton (Horno) fire: I-15 now only route out of San Diego County

| October 24, 2007

If you are looking for information on the October 8th, 2008 fire in Camp Pendleton, you will find it here

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Yesterday I spoke at length with my son Jon, a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. He talked about the concerns regarding the various fires surrounding the Camp, most notably the Rice Creek fire to the east, as well as reports of a fire on the Camp itself. Turns out those reports were correct (the unlabeled area on the map below with the Horno Fire in the middle of it is Camp Pendleton):

Interstate 5 — up until now a major evacuation route out of San Diego County — is now closed in both directions due to that fire. In fact, at one point last night, all major freeways leading out of San Diego County were closed down (large PDF map; note yellow road closures): I-5, I-15, I-8, Hwy 94, and Hwy 67.

However, it appears that I-15 has opened up again this morning, in spite of running right through what is indicated as being an “active burn area” in the Rice Creek Fire region. However, all the others are still closed (here’s the updated map; again, large PDF file). I don’t know what I-15 looks like this morning, but I suspect it isn’t pretty, and if the winds pick up again today, I-15 may well close down again, leaving San Diego County without any evacuation routes. ..bruce..

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