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| October 26, 2007

…it appears that not all the lessons learned from the 2003 San Diego fires were applied:

LOS ANGELES —  Eight Marine helicopters were at the ready to help fight the California wildfires but were grounded due to government red tape, lawmakers said Friday.

This prevented some firefighting teams from getting to the largest U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina.

Reps. Darrell Issa, Duncan Hunter and Brian Bilbray — all California Republicans — arrived Tuesday evening in southern California for an emergency services update meeting on the fires, and were told that a California policy that required a state firefighter to fly on military flights was keeping available military choppers out of the air.

“This was a mistake,” Issa spokesman Frederick Hill told FOXNews.com Friday, speaking of the policy. “There’s no question that the process needs to be re-evaluated here.”

As I recall, there were similar issues — with similar results — back in 2003.  Sigh.  ..bruce..

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  1. bhenderson says:

    Seems our ISP was not the only collection of pinheads in this blaze.