Praise for Bruce Henderson

| October 24, 2007

Since BruceH has been doing all the mapping and mashups here, I have no problem posting the following kind words from one of our readers, since they all go to BruceH’s work:

Your valiant efforts at ‘mashing’ fire info into concise statements and useful maps is greatly appreciated!

I have a retired Marine son in Vista, his daughter and her husband in Oceanside and his Marine son presently at Pendleton.  I also have a sister on Coronado Island who works at Balboa Park.

In situations like that of Monday, graphic information on exactly where a fire is and how it’s moving is extremely important and very difficult to come by for someone like me, concerned at a distance about the safety of loved ones.

The usual emergency information sites were very slow and not very informative, at least with updated information in a rapidly-changing situation.  One such, after taking several minutes to come up late Monday, provided; “We have a fire situation in the county”.  Very helpful, eh??!!

Late Monday night, CNN was not much better – endlessly re-running short video clips of flames with 6-hour old stories for the fifth time… and not a good map to be seen!  As a former map graphics guy myself, I feel that a decent map conveys more of such desperately wanted information in a few seconds than an hour of yakking heads and constantly repeated, meaningless video clips.

You guys could teach the emergency services a thing or six about coordinating and mashing – to the benefit of all.

Again… great work!  Be very proud of how much aid you provided to many worried folks!

I’ve actually gotten a number of similar e-mails, almost all regarding BruceH’s excellent map and visualization work. And, of course, he’s done all this while having to be ready to evacuate himself.  ..bruce..

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