The Only Problem….

| October 3, 2007

The technology we use to drive mashup / content based integration sites like Hardtack is based around RSS and enterprise content syndication. As such I spend a lot of time tinkering with RSS and syndication tools others have built.

One fun example is Feedster, which lets you search through RSS feeds for specific topics (although not always with the most predictable results).

So today I am searching for stuff and I come across a strange little blog:

“The only problem was that it came in a henderson”

I have never considered myself a container of any appreciable threat, so I had to find out more!

Well, it reads like it was generated by a drunken Chinese AI program, but is in fact a spam blog. It was never meant to be read by human eyes, but was created just to boost someone’s web site (spam site or malware site) in search engine rankings.

I don’t suggest visiting the site, but here is an example of the prose found there:

Fine Arts Schedule At Chatt State Includes. The smell could be funnel cake in one area. More Trouble Looms For Fugitive Financier Norman Hsu. Whether it was Hungarians or blacks or Jewish or whatever. Is your business about to be torpedoed by a. Writing the ordinance will be a delicate matter.

Note: No Hendersons were harmed in creating this site.. i think…

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Bruce Henderson is a former Marine who focuses custom data mining and visualization technologies on the economy and other disasters.

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