Union Tribune Updated Fire Graphic – 0650 PDT

| October 25, 2007

The San Diego Union Tribune has published an updated map / graphic of San Diego county showing the current active burn areas, and the total areas affected by the fires still active.


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From the map, the Horno fire is clearly burning towards the Northwest across camp Pendalton, towards San Onofre and the reactor. It has been stated multiple times that the reactor is under no danger of burn or damage, and would agree, but the transmission lines leading from it to the power grid might be another matter.

The Rice Canyon fire is burning north towards the Riverside county line, heading away from where the horse is now sheltering. This continues to be an intense blaze that could threaten outlying parts of Temecula in the next few days.

Poomacha is working up the face of Mount Palomar, and the southern end has merged with the effected area of the Witch Creek Fire. The size of the Witch Creek burn area is truely amazing when you realize just how big it is. It is true that this area is less populated than urban / suburban regions like Rancho Bernardo, this fire is a monster that has impacted a large area.

The Witch Creek Fire is burning east towards Julian, but with the winds now near calm and the humidity rising the chances of it making it there have greatly decreased. The middle of the fire’s eastern front is burning near Mesa Grande.

The Harris Fire continues to threaten Jamul and Lyon’s Valley in the West and the Cleveland National Forest in the East.

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