2008 Election? Wake Me Next November

| November 13, 2007


I cannot begin to express my dismay at the fact the 2008 presidential race started the day after the 2006 mid-term elections wrapped. Seriously, 2006 was stupid enough without being placed on the conveyor belt of nonsense that passes for news coverage, breathless with every aspect of this so-called “race”.

One of the big draws for those seeking power and those wishing to cover the elections is this is the first time in a long time where the race is “wide open” – there is no one from the current administration running for the presidency, and it’s really an open chance to be elected. This is the first time since 1952 that this has happened. Furthermore most people (including I expect President Bush) is ready for the current President to wrap up his term and hand over control to someone else. The one bright spot about November 2008, maybe the whining about Bush, the war in Iraq and everything surrounding this administration may finally go away.

The current crop of both Democrats and Republicans are the biggest gaggle of dim bulbs I can recall. I seriously dread having to choose which one of these clowns gets to run the country next. Not that it will matter much, but let me outline what I would much rather see:

1) Ditch the boiler-plate: Seriously, I hear too many canned answer on global warming, the rich not paying their fair share, illegal aliens, “taking America forward ™”, the war on terror or any of a host of issues. That does double for all of your shills that carpet bomb every news show, talk show and web site with the same junk.

2) Give me something to vote for: The last 2 presidential elections I did not vote for anyone, I voted against the person who I thought was the most harmful for the country. Lets look at some elections that kicked serious tail – Ronald Reagan: He said what he was going to do, his campaigns were about doing something measurable and real. Love it or hate it he laid it out for you to choose. – Congress 1994: Newt Gingrich & Co decided to create a list of issues they were going to tackle if you sent the Republican horde to DC. You may have not liked what they were doing, but they certainly showed LEADERSHIP by laying out specifically what they were for.

3) Remember George Bush is not running: I can’t believe how many times I see candidates running against President Bush. Really folks, he is not running again. You make yourself look stupid when you use him as a boogie man to draw attention away from your own flaws.

I know it’s a civic duty to elect members of my government, so I will stay as engaged as I can tolerate (and you should too).

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Bruce Henderson is a former Marine who focuses custom data mining and visualization technologies on the economy and other disasters.

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  1. loscielos says:

    Dr. Paul cured my apathy. Pay him a visit and let me know how it turns out.

    http://www.ronpaul2008.com, http://www.freeme.tv, ronpaul.meetup.com, etc…

  2. bhenderson says:

    No offense but Ron Paul is really not my style. Folks are welcome to back whom they choose, but the whole 9/11 part of Ron Paul’s position discounts him from serious consideration from me. Pardon his foul language, but Ace of Spades sums up this Jarhead’s view on Congressman Paul’s 9/11 postion. Catch it at Ace of Spades