Web Based Treason – We Will Regret This

| November 14, 2007


I have become aware of a website known as Wikileaks, “a place for journalists, truth tellers and everybody else”. Taking a look at the site, it claims to provide an uncensorable system for safe mass document leaking. Ok, there are times when this can be a vital tool to blow open a coverup. They also claim as their primary interests Asia, the former Soviet Union and other areas of the world where oppression is still a real concern. Again, this looks like a good thing.

The truth of what they have is much more sinister. For starters they have a leaked set of documents outlining unit names, group structure and equipment lists of most of the units from several countries in the Operation Iraqi Freedom theater. Worse still they cite unit name, function and some sensitive names of equipment type and purpose. This is essentially the allied order of battle for OIF.

Who exactly does this help? What great dark secret did they expose here? A word from a former member of the Short Haircut Club For Men – these documents were classified at least SECRET level by the DoD. That means whomever leaked them has committed a serious crime. Most likely the person who did this is some disgruntled active duty military person, and when they find them (and they will find you, scumbag) you get to go to jail. Not regular comfy civilian jail, no you get to go to a military prison and make little rocks out of big rocks for a long long time.

To the folks at Wikileaks – your premise is a good one, but your execution is a disaster. You have placed thousands of the best among us in grave danger now. You have helped NO ONE with your efforts on this line.

Actually you are helping encourage folks who want to be terrorists or those that support them. You should thank god that the times have radically changed. In an earlier day this would be seen as what it actually is – treasonous actions designed to put our troops in danger.

I blame the Bush and Clinton administrations for taking an increasingly lax posture on information and operational security. Failure to throw the book at chumps like Sandy Burger simply embolden folks with access to classified information to pull stunts like this.

I suspect that the people behind this effort may have a political axe to grind as well, and if so it would be yet another shameful example of how political operatives have infiltrated the intelligence and military services. For an example of what I am describing, look no further than the shameful events surrounding Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp, who seems to have joined the Army to gain fame through writing fictitious stories passed as truth about US soldiers committing war crimes in Iraq.

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Bruce Henderson is a former Marine who focuses custom data mining and visualization technologies on the economy and other disasters.

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  1. kmickey says:

    Sandy Burglar should have gotten 20+ yrs in a supermax – preferably the one in Florence, CO with Hanssen and all the other idiots.

  2. Bruce Henderson says:

    Hat tip to Kevin Mickey serving over-seas with our forces in Europe. Thanks for reading.