A modest proposal

| January 14, 2008

Posted by Frank J over at IMAO:

A reader of the Corner sent in an idea that I think was a pretty good suggestion: The Republicans stop their feuding and their fighting and combine announcing Fred Thompson as president, Mitt Romney as Vice President, McCain as Secretary of Defense, and Giuliani as Secretary of Homeland Security. This is a cool idea. Now, anyone who is a not a moron likes everything about Fred Thompson, so he’d be a great president. Mitt Romney is a conservative in training, so he’d be good for vice president. The only thing McCain is right on is the war, so why not put him a position where that’s the only view that matters. And Giuliani would be a great Secretary of Homeland Security if he would just prove his bona fides on illegal immigration by beating a Mexican drug smuggler to death with a Maglite — something I’m sure he’d be more than willing to do.

And, by the way, if you haven’t already (and I suspect none of you have), buy and read Frank J’s book, The Chronicles of Dubya Volume I: The Defeat of Saddam. One of the funniest and certainly one of the most politically incorrect books I have ever read. Example:

“Anyway, on to the tech demos.” On a screen behind [National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice] appeared a picture of a small electronic device with a drill. “This is a special projectile that homes onto a target’s head, slowly drills into his skull, and then explodes. Honestly, it offers no tactical advantage over just shooting a target with normal bullets, but we all thought it was pretty cool and can’t wait to see it work on some actual enemy combatants. By the way, if someone has a use for a dozen headless monkeys, talk to me after the press conference.”

“Wouldn’t a weapon like that violate the Geneva Conventions?” asked a disgusted-looking reporter.

“The what?” Rice asked, appearing confused….

..bruce w..

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  1. loscielos says:

    With Ron Paul in the GAO? 🙂

  2. Actually, there is a proposal regarding Ron Paul — but you’ll have to travel over to IMAO to find out what it is. ..bruce w..