F/A – 18 Video – Passing Out In The Back Seat

| January 28, 2008


Thanks to co-worker and friend Rob Wade for sending me this great video of someone getting a back seat ride in an F/A-18. During my days in the “short haircut club for men” we would sometimes take people up in the back seat of our RF-4B’s, though most frequently it happened when we were outside the US.

The pilots have a special love of such ride-alongs, and it was important to make the VIP feel they got their money’s worth by having them pass out multiple times. Bonus points were often awarded if you could also get them to throw up. Of particular use in inducing the old “heave ho” was a series of maneuvers that was referred to as the “squirrel cage”.

[NOTE – Some folks are having problems with the video embedded in the HTML this way, so it is now available at this URL: http://alt.coxnewsweb.com/ajc/swf/blueangels/blueangels.swf]

The fellow in the back seat for this ride seems to be getting a good lesson in gforce and the human body.

For those of you wanting embedded video, this gem from YouTube

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  1. LarrySheldon says:

    Having a loud video start up and take over a machine upon loading is bad. Very bad.

  2. Larry:

    That’s curious; it sure doesn’t do that when I bring up the post. I have to click the Play button in the lower right corner of the embedded video player in order to watch it. Likewise, it doesn’t ‘take over the machine’ — I just click on the same button (now Pause) to stop it.

    What behavior did you get, exactly? ..bruce w.. (the other Bruce)

  3. LarrySheldon says:

    Well, it not only runs without my approval, it pretty much takes over, and repeats, and repeats.

    I’m going to have to take you out of the rotation until you get it under control.


  4. LarrySheldon says:

    Discovered that the pop=up blocker works on it so I’ll try that for a while to minimize the losses.

  5. LarrySheldon says:

    And now I can actually take time to read your questions. I’m using Firefox (the .09 version I think). You are part of a collection of bookmarks that I open with “Open all in tabs”–the video loads (no pause button when I finally get to that tab) but I have to kill the other tabs to get to it.

    Not cool.

  6. I’m using Firefox, and I don’t get any of this behavior. Ditto when I open up the website with IE 7. Anyone else getting this behavior? ..bruce w..

  7. Bruce Henderson says:

    Behavior not seen in Safari 3.0, or the current Firefox on the Mac. Sorry if you had problems, it was never our intent to “take over the machine” of any such chicanery. In case anyone else was having the problems that neither of us Bruces (nor anyone I have asked) could reproduce, I am now linking the the Flash version of the movie instead of imbedding the movie file.

  8. LarrySheldon says:

    Thanks–I hope I am not a corner case of some kind.

    I am sorry that I came across as accusative–my bad.

    It is a problem for me for sure, but there was no reason for me to imply malicious intent.