Friday Afternoon – Doon The Watter

| February 8, 2008

Friday afternoon has come in California. It’s a bright sunny day with temperatures near 70 across most of San Diego county, with the birds on my front porch singing and enjoying a full load of seed in the feeder. The cats are on my office futon couch in rapt attention as the birds queue up for their turn with the seed.

But my thoughts are with my cousins in Scotland, who are getting ready to start another cold dark day of winter. Scottish people seem to be a hardy lot who endure the cold dark winters with hopes of a brighter spring and summer to follow.

On my recent trip just before Christmas, I had the pleasure of listening to some tales from my uncles and aunts as they talked about Glasgow in their youth. Of particular fond memory to them was the Glasgow Fair in the summers, and a ritual of going “Doon the Watter”. For those of you not dialed in to the Glasgow patter, “Doon the Watter” is taking a boat trip down the Clyde to any number of destinations, or just cruising the river itself.

In the days before jetting away on holiday became common place, getting out of Glasgow and out into the cool comfortable surrounds was a welcome break for nearly everyone at some point during the long days of summer in Scotland.

So in honor of going “Doon the Watter”, this gem from YouTube: The Song of the Clyde.

My thanks to Uncle Ron, Aunt Loretta, Aunt Moira and Uncle Bob!

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