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| March 21, 2008

[UPDATED 03/22/08:   Oh, by the way, according to the LA Times the city of Denver is ‘short on funds’ for the DNC convention.]

The “Re-create 68 Alliance” didn’t get the protest permits they wanted for the Democratic National Convention scheduled for this August here in Denver — and they’re already making threats:

Denver could face a “dangerous situation” on the first day of the Democratic National Convention, war protesters said Thursday, after losing a coveted permit for Civic Center to the convention host committee.

“When things blow up because the police have to enforce a permit that the Democrats got, don’t blame us for that,” said Glenn Spagnuolo, an organizer for the Re-create 68 Alliance.

“Blame the Democrats for trying to silence dissent in the city of Denver.”

The lottery for permits to protest, pray or hold other events in city parks during the DNC Aug. 24 through 28 resumed Thursday after the city bungled the drawing Tuesday by accidentally leaving out some of the applicants’ names.

The do-over went smoothly.

But when Jenny Anderson, event planner for the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee, won the permit for Civic Center for a kick-off Aug. 24, Spagnuolo accused the committee of creating a “very serious, dangerous situation . . . for everybody.”

Re-create 68 – which has promised demonstrations that will rival those at the bloody 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago – will be at Civic Center on Aug. 24, with or without a permit, he said.

The group, which is expecting up to 50,000 protesters from across the country, plans to march from Civic Center to the Pepsi Center, where the convention will be held, on Aug. 24, even though a parade route or a security zone hasn’t been announced.

Between this and the increasingly nasty and chaotic race for the nomination itself — with roughly 20% of both Obama and Clinton supporters saying that they’ll vote for McCain if the other candidate gets the nomination — the Democrats are facing the possibility of a full-blown China syndrome meltdown at the convention and in the general election.

I also note that Glenn Spagnuolo (the Re-Create 68 Alliance spokesperchild cited above) is a supporter of Ward Churchill.

Hmm. Wonder if I can get ‘blogger’ press credentials for the convention…no, apparently not (I don’t meet the “120 political posts” threshold).

But I can still report “from the streets.” Ain’t we got fun? ..bruce webster..

UPDATE: I must say that the news article above and the Re-Create 68 web site itself together bring this passage from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to mind:

VROOMFONDEL: We demand that that machine not be allowed to think about this problem!

DEEP THOUGHT: If I might make an observation…

MAJIKTHISE: We’ll go on strike!

VROOMFONDEL: That’s right. You’ll have a national philosopher’s strike on your hands.

DEEP THOUGHT: Who will that inconvenience?

MAJIKTHISE: Never you mind who it’ll inconvenience you box of black legging binary bits! It’ll hurt, buster! It’ll hurt!

Hat tip to, well, the late Douglas Adams. ..bfw..

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  1. Bruce Henderson says:

    Fantastic Hitchhiker’s quote, but I can’t help but also think of the Golgafrinchan and the “B” Ark. If there were ever a larger collection of public telephone sanitizers, management consultants and insurance salesmen operating under imagined threat from a “mutant star goat”, I have not heard of it.

    Please do go and take lots of pictures. This could be an epic gathering of bull goose loonies.