Disco Ultra Cheese – Meco Star Wars Theme

| March 2, 2008


Once upon a time in the late 70’s, it seemed everything was Star Wars. To be honest Star Wars was (if I recall) the one that gave rise to merchandise tie ins to things like Happy Meals and action figures.

But also big during the late 70’s was the evil form of dance culture known as Disco. What evil would spawn if Star Wars and Disco were to cross? One twisted mind dared to find out, and recorded it under the name Meco.

Sadly it became stuck on radio stations from coast to coast and we all had to suffer through it for a long summer. Now, to bring back those halcyon days… I bring you Meco’s Star Wars Theme!

I can’t get the voice of Bill Murray out of my head singing “Nothing but Star Wars!” Someone kill me now, dear lord make it stop!

[Update] Seems that you can buy this cheese on Amazon. For those of you yearning to have this stuffed into your MP3 player, have at it! >> Meco Star Wars on Amazon <<

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  1. kmickey says:

    I think I got this album for christmas one year. Nice cover art!